Janis went above and beyond what a realtor has to do.

Our family had decided to move to San Antonio from Kansas City. We were ready for someplace that had warmer winters but we were not sure where to go. After visiting some other states, we decided on Texas, but had only seen Dallas so we decided to look at some other cities we had heard good things about. I looked on realtor.com to find a realtor in each area to show us around and look at some houses. I basically tried to find people who looked nice from their pictures since I had nothing else to go by. Janis looked so friendly that I decided to email her and she responded back almost immediately ready to help. We arrived in San Antonio early, but she was ready for us and had made appointments to see quite a few houses in a variety of areas. Every house that we saw met our specifications exactly. Janis had found out what we wanted in a house in so much detail, that our time did not feel wasted when we looked at the houses. Not only were we shown some wonderful houses, but we were also shown around San Antonio and convinced that we would love it here. Janis went above and beyond what a realtor has to do. We are so grateful to her and her staff for the wonderful help they gave us in finding the perfect home. They are still helping us get familiar with the area. Any time we need a recommendation, whether for restaurants or hair stylists, they are there to help. After spending the time that we have with Janis she is not only our Realtor, but our friend.