Our home was on the market for less than one week!

To Whom It May Concern… I am pleased to write to you regarding Janis Morgan, with the Legacy Group. I am confident that Janis is an excellent candidate for recognition on many levels in the realty arena. I found that she excelled in the areas of customer service, professional courtesy, attention to detail and follow-up on all elements involved in selling a home. During the process of deciding to sell our home, my husband and I encountered many people with advise and expertise… both solicited and unsolicited. Janis had made a presentation to a community group of which I am associated. I was impressed with her command of the market in San Antonio and noted the skill she demonstrated in fielding questions about the housing market. Her dedication to her business is most apparent, as well as her commitment to all aspects of her career. Janis executed communications with us in a very timely manner and always availed herself to questions that arose throughout the process. It is not only her skill and expertise in selling that makes Janis stand out in the field, it is her attitude that she conveys to both the seller and buyer. Trust and confidence are earned and Janis certainly has earned both from Jim and me. Not only did she move quickly in listing our home and getting it into the appropriate circulation with other realtors, she made us feel very good about our home. One of the comments she made that continues to come to mind was, ” I understand the emotions behind selling a house versus a home. People are involved and that is the essential element.” Finally, Janis is respected throughout the Realtor community. Other Realtors know that she is competent and thorough in maintaining accurate records and following through with necessary details with results. Her commitment to her business is evidenced in her knowledge of current trends and her standing within the greater community. I have waited to let you know that our home was on the market for less than one week when it sold. Numerous homes in the area are still on the market. I believe Janis Morgan to be the kind of person who will not only benefit the real estate industry but greatly contributes to those whose lives she encounters.